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Are you looking for a cheap usenet provider with good service? on this site we try to give you a complete as possible overview of the prices for the different accounts and payserver providers, You are then able to see for yourself what is the best deal for you.

Mind you, there  are many factors that are of influence with your connection. these influences can show that a user in city A with provider A has a near perfect connection at max speed and user B in city B with the same sort of account can only get 20% of the available speed.

Your regular ISP’s infrastructure is a factor, the distance from your location to the nearest street divider cabinet is of influence, the type of router, modem networkcard you use is of influence and your max internetspeed is of influence. For example, if you have a 8mbit/s account with your local ISP and you buy a 50mbit/s usenetaccount you will only get that 8mbit/s speed while downloading. Also the used newsreader en the configuration or even the version of Windows you use can make a difference with your connection to the usenetservers. So be sure you know the kind of soft- and hardware you have and what speed your isp account is and choose a subscription accordingly. If you still have any problem you should use the supportoption from the usenetprovider or go to a tech forum.

We are still busy with making  the final layout for this site and hope to show you a complete overview of all usenetproviders, their accounts and prices.

Please come back soon to see how far we are,

The webmaster

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